Tai chi is a philo­sophy of seeking bal­ance and har­mony in life


Tai Chi Chuan is the martial art of maintaining balance. At Embody Tai Chi, we practice several styles of Tai Chi Chuan as well as other Chinese martial arts (Kung Fu) which also incorporate this outlook to training. We offer a recommended curriculum for those new to Tai Chi, while those with some experience may choose the style that interests them. There’s not necessarily one set path for how balance is achieved, so some may wish to start with slow, meditative styles of Tai Chi, and others may prefer more explosive styles, like Xingyi, and gradually work on softness over time.


Practicing the forms and conditioning exercises will develop a strong, mobile body as well as reduce markers of stress. While Tai Chi forms look simple, they take quite a lot of coordination to accomplish. The attention required to learn and remember the movements tends to bring a focused, calm mind. Finally, push hands practice can improve one's timing and ability to adapt to different pressures. It can be also a fun, social activity that comes with a great work-out.


West Sacramento Studio

Tai Chi: Push Hands & Fundamentals
Wed. 4-5:30pm/Fri. 6:30-8pm

Tai Chi: Beginners
Sun. 10:00–11:00am

Sat. 6:30pm–7:30pm

Davis Studio

Tai Chi: Beginners
Tue. 8:45am–9:45am

Yang Style Tai Chi
Fri. 1pm–2pm

Sierra 2 Center

Tai Chi: Beginner
Sun. 12:30pm–1:30pm

Private Lessons

available upon request